About us


Logoband Group is an international company with the headquarter in Madrid, Spain.
Our company specializes in the manufacturing of lanyards. Thanks to our powerful
machines, we are able to produce 100% customized lanyards, both the material
(any pantone) and the logo, from one colour to full colour, using different and very
advanced printing tecniques.
The quality is excellent, our lanyards are identical with the initial design.
In Europe we have already distributed over 10.000.000 lanyards so we ensure
our efficiency in responding to all volume of orders. We have organised many publicity
events with the participation of these products in several European countries.
We participate in major trade fairs such as PSI Dusseldorf, Hong Kong Gifts & Premium,
from where we bring all the new ideas and trends in order to update our clients with
new products.
Our articles are excellent as inserts for newspapers or magazines. The goods that
we manufacture are brought from our factory in China. As we have our own office
in Hong Kong, we guarantee the quality control, the price and delivery on time.